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Coding4fun Wallpaper Cycler

Because such a feature exists in windows 7, I didn’t add a feature to randomly change the wallpaper image in my spanned background program, but at work I find myself running XP and missing this feature.

Turns out the internet has something nearly as nice as the windows 7 thing already built: (Requires visual c# express edition 2005 or better/later)

This will change your desktop to a random one in a configurable folder when started and when you choose so from the notification area. Unfortunately it doesn’t have an option to do so on every half hour like I have windows 7 configured for.

To use with SBA:

  1. Create a folder of spanned-ready images by using the batch mode in SBA (on the rightmost tab specify a source folder full of wide images, and an empty destination folder to put output, then hit the start button and wait a while)
  2. Configure the wallpaper cycler to use the output folder from above
  3. Configure the wallpaper cycler to set all desktop backgrounds as tiled
I’ve considered adding this feature to SBA, but I would like to take it a step further and make your spanned background update when displays are changed… So probably not something anyone should expect to happen soon.

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SpannedBackgroundAssist First Public Release

3-display computer with a photo of a landscape spanned across the displays

This application will let you set a background image like above.

Update: Adds Batch conversion on Miscellaneous tab

The old version is still around here.


Keep an eye on for updates.

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First Post

I’m working on an application that will let you create take a single image, and span it across your displays as a desktop background, leaving the correct gaps for the space between your displays and so on. It will work as follows:

1) Trace your displays
2) Load and position your desired background image
3) Apply your new background!

(If you’d like to pay money for an application that does something close, and much more, it seems DisplayFusion can)

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