Embedded 12V PSU death

The 12V embedded supply that has been doing very nicely on my Mendel 90 ate itself rather with a very enthusiastic pop and the usual smell of burnt electronics.

Thankfully the fuse inside the supply caused it to fail safely (power shut off to the supply input and nothing else was going to burn up), but it means I needed to quickly find a new power supply.

PSU fuse

Blown fuse

 More knowledgeable people than myself suggested it was probably something else that failed. There was a weird mark on the rectifier (and my thinkpad brick died at the rectifier)

Rectifier with odd mark

Rectifier with odd mark

But I think this was the source of the major failure. One of the output mosfets failed blowing black burn marks out towards the small transformer.

Burnt up mosfet

Burnt up mosfet

I have a couple spare 12V server power supplies lying around, and it turns out they convert easily for custom use. See this thread: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1292514

My new supply was a Dell AA23300, which there are pinouts for turning on here: http://www.tjinguytech.com/my-projects/server-p

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