Prusa i3 Modifications for SB hackerspace printer class

I did much of the work to get the Santa Barbara Hackerspace to have it’s first printer build weekend with a Prusa i3. I wanted to note the modifications I made and other things here.

I initially was going to do this with the Mendel 90 because of how much care and detail Nophead put into the instructions, bill of materials and more, but I had some trouble building my printer and getting all the parts. Soldering ribbon cables is pretty terrible and I was never able to fully build the electronics board that goes on the extruder.

I looked at the Prusa3-vanilla but ended up going with the master branch of the Prusa3. This means I was bit by some bugs, such as the lack of room on the extruder for nuts on the hobbed bolt.

I also initially planned to go with the larger, more sturdy box frame. Aligning and building this is more difficult, and it did not end up happening because the space got their laser cutter just as I was about to start building. This meant on my prototype printer the X rods stick out an extra 70mm, but oh well.

I went with the grabber laser cut frame, modified to work on our 12″x20″ laser cutter (by shortening the frame to 12″) and extended the top Z rod holders to compensate for the lost Z height. My prototype has a max Z of 185mm which is quite respectable.

The configuration setting for the aluminum frame expects the screws to go into tapped holes in the aluminum, but at least on the Y carriage I wanted the bolts going the other direction, so I’ve tweaked the Y belt holder to have captive hex nuts.

You can see these changes and others I’ve forgotten on my fork:

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