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Where is the new Expression Studio?

Visual Studio 2012 was just released, and with it most people will also get “Blend for Visual Studio 2012” which can only be used to build “Windows 8 Style” applications. There is no new Blend version for .net 4.5 WPF applications. The matrix for “Which Blend Version Do I Use” at the bottom of the Blend 2012 announcement post is a little depressing too:

  • Windows 8 store: Blend for Visual Studio 2012
  • .net 4 WPF, Sketchflow project, Silverlight 4: Blend 4
  • Silverlight  5: Blend preview for Silverlight 5
  • Windows Phone 7 and 7.5: Blend for Windows Phone (In Windows Phone SDK 7.1)

Four “Current” versions of Blend?

And there isn’t even an updated version of the other tools with an announced date (Though there is a preview of an updated Blend).


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