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So I decided today to finally move an old side project from SVN to Git. Github reccomends using svn2git which I had a bunch of trouble with today. Here’s what I ended up needing to get it to work:

  • Use –verbose
    I wasn’t getting any visible authentication login prompt so my terminal would just sit there displaying nothing.  I got it to work the first time by blindly going through the SVN authentication process, which probably isn’t what you want to do.
  • When you specify an authors file, also use –verbose
    Otherwise you’ll get silent errors that authors in the svn logs were not in the authors file.

Seems to have worked reasonably well. Now that I look at however I’d like to clean up this repository’s history (at the least remove some files that aren’t needed and I don’t have the rights to relicense). I may use svn dumpfilter for that or something.


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