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Converting Old Windows 95 Laptop to VirtualBox VM

It turns out I just needed to properly follow instructions on the internet.

  1. Install Microsoft VirtualPC (2007 SP1 is the version I used)
  2. Use Sysinternals/Microsoft Disk2VHD to create a .vhd from your hard drive (I used an external enclosure to be able to attach the drive to my computer)
  3. In VirtualPC (You can cancel the new machine wizard if you just installed it) go through the File->Virtual Disk wizard to convert your .vhd to fixed size. I saved this as a new file.
  4. Convert your .vhd to a .vmc (virtualbox image) on the command line. My command line was:
     "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox"\vboxmanage convertdd i:\Sharp_FixedSize.VHD i:\sharp_fixedSize.vdi
  5. Create a Virtual Machine configured in Virtual Box properly and specify to use your new .vmc file
  6. Profit! (Or look up how to get drivers installed, and where I put my Windows 95 Disk, and where to properly dispose of ancient laptop)

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