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How to turn off Eyefinity

To turn off Eyefinity, and thus get individual display rotation to be enabled when using 3 displays (“extended desktop”)…

  1. In the Catalyst Control Center, Go to the “Creating and Arranging Desktops” page
  2. Click the arrow on the top right of the combined display, and select “Disable Group”
  3. Configure your extended desktops again… (you can disable cloning on each display in the lower half of this window)
My previous mention about windows key + P doesn’t work quite right to disable Eyefinity so the display rotation remains disabled. Unfortunately going back with windows + P isn’t possible either.


Consumer Electronics Folks, why call you instead of returning the product?

So, I bought some fancy electronics (the type and brand is irrelevant for this post) today and as usual noticed it said “if you have any problems, call us before returning to store”.

This time, I had problems (device does not power on, nor indicate when it is charging), and I tried calling. The call was surprisingly short and polite. “Our business hours are 6AM through 7PM monday through friday, stay on the line to leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.”

I was calling at 8PM pacific, on a friday.

That said, why even bother?

  • The returns desk isn’t really going to hesitate to replace the product
  • The customer service desk is almost certainly going to need to be convinced their product is defective
  • Once I do convince someone it will almost certainly be an arduous process that takes weeks to get a replacement from the manufacturer, and I will likely get to pay shipping at least one way
  • The place I bought it from is open saturday (tomorrow)
How can you possibly make your customer service better than getting a replacement next day?

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On Eyefinity

So I built a new relatively inexpensive desktop with a Radeon 6860 for Eyefinity across 3 displays. My previous desktop had a PCI-E Nvidia 8800GT and a PCI 8400GS running the 3 displays.

This hasn’t been the perfect experience I hoped. Below are some notes.

  • Eyefinity cards require a DisplayPort LCD, or an Active adapter (as cheap as $30) for all displays once you have used two of dvi, vga, or hdmi. I knew this going in and have an approved adapter I bought previously (I bought it for a previous work desktop had a 5570 which I thought could do Eyefinity, which it can’t. I confused 5570 with 5750)
  • About half the time my DisplayPort to VGA adapter can’t switch modes properly, and it was a fancy one on the special approved list. (It’s by ACCELL)
  • You need to configure a new “display group” in the ATI control center to set up Eyefinity. I was hoping to find an Eyefinity panel on the left and had to google that.
  • You can switch between Eyefinity and extended displays with the windows 7 “presenter mode” Win+P shortcut. “Clone” is “Eyefinity” and “Extend” is “Extend”. Nice!
  • Display rotation is disabled when I have 3 displays attached, even if I’m using extended desktops not Eyefinity. :-(. (Once I got this working but I have no idea what I did to enable it. I think I found a bug in the driver that I was allowed to do this)
  • I haven’t found any cheap LCDs with DisplayPort. I expect it will be like 5 years before we see the promised “Cheaper LCD with only DisplayPort and thus simplified and cheaper internals”
  • Games require special logic to deal with Eyefinity.
    • “Silver” games I’ve tried have the same horizontal FOV as with just one display. This means your vertical FOV is 1/3rd the typical amount. For the FPS games I tried this was unplayable. (UT3 felt like you were always looking down a scope, if you know maps well this game might be workable this way)
    • Dirt2 is “Gold” and shows the normal FOV on the center display, and the side displays give you more peripheral vision. This works pretty well. There are occasional clipping issues when you  move near a wall on the side displays but it works pretty well.
    • The “Eyefinity” modes show up to games as very large resolutions, for example 4800*900 or 5760*1080
  • I have no options for bezel compensation so lines don’t match up across displays. I’ve read that this feature appears as another resolution choice, but is disabled when your displays are not all identical. This is annoying but a relatively minor issue in games where the peripheral vision is used mostly for moving things like Dirt 2.

Also, it doesn’t seem like DELL ships any of their LCDs with a DisplayPort cable and I’m to cheap to give them at least $50 for one (Amusingly it’s cheaper for 10 foot. $50 for 10′, $70 for 6′).

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Copy SQL 2008 R2 database to SQL 2005

  1. right click on database, tools, generate scripts
  2. on the choose objects tab “Script entire database and all database objects”
  3. On Set Scripting options press the Advanced button
  4. Under General change:
  5. “Script for Server Version” to “SQL Server 2005”
  6. Types of data to script to “Schema and data”
  7. change other settings to taste

This even works moving from express edition.

I found this at this annoying site which requires registration or bugmenot to view

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