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Evernote on iOS eats changes?

I was using Evernote on my iPad and it managed to eat my changes… I was switching between applications with a half-edited note opened, and when I came back Evernote re-launched (I saw the green splash screen)… When I selected that note again my changes were gone.

This shouldn’t be a problem: iOS applications are notified before told to exit, or even when it left the foreground it should have been able to save to the device’s local memory then and load again after relaunching.

Potentially the changes could have been saved and uploaded, but some other glitch could have given me an older version of the note next time I tried to edit it… in which case I should be able to get my additions back out by using the history feature. Of course, that is if I decide to upgrade to Evernote premium. Given “It ate my changes” I stopped taking notes in Evernote on iOS. (my first annoyance was that I can’t do anything useful with poor or missing internet access)

Oh well, I guess my mobile-note-taking will be done in the built-in Notes application and I’ll move to Evernote (or a wiki) later on.



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SpannedBackgroundAssist First Public Release

3-display computer with a photo of a landscape spanned across the displays

This application will let you set a background image like above.

Update: Adds Batch conversion on Miscellaneous tab

The old version is still around here.


Keep an eye on for updates.

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First Post

I’m working on an application that will let you create take a single image, and span it across your displays as a desktop background, leaving the correct gaps for the space between your displays and so on. It will work as follows:

1) Trace your displays
2) Load and position your desired background image
3) Apply your new background!

(If you’d like to pay money for an application that does something close, and much more, it seems DisplayFusion can)

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